A Book or an E-Reader?

I believe that books should always be printed on paper, and that the eBook will never replace a paper book. I don’t care about the latest technology, or the person who made it so that when you drag your finger across the screen, and it makes the page turns. For me, the guy that made the screen look like a bookshelf is simply unimportant. I mean, yeah, sure, the guys were really smart and all, but didn’t they grow up reading from paper? Didn’t they grow up feeling the rough texture of the page? They probably grew up with the feeling that you get when you look at the book and see how far you have come. Yet, they take that privilege away from the next generation. Ever visited your neighborhood library? Eventually they won’t exist. I for one believe that books should be printed on paper. No exceptions.


photo by: http://ncf.bg/

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