Life In Black and White


For my English Project, my teacher wants me and a group of other people to make a project to solve a problem in my community. The problem that I wanted to conquer was a lack of communication between different groups of people. My group, Sara, Timothy, and Stephanie, and I suggested that maybe we should do the project for a communication line between different foster homes. Our original plan is to host a pen pal program between two different hosues. Maybe in the end we hope to host an event where the pen pals can meet each other. My goal of this project is to help different kids make a new friend.



As of now, my group has been discussing the means by which we will successfully host the program. My partner and I recently had a Google chat and found the homes that we want to contact and have drawn up a final proposal to give to them.

The entire group met in the library on November 22, 2013.

There was another online meeting to see where we were with each of our tasks on November 27, 2013.

Timothy and Stephanie discussed which clubs to look to for assistance in funding. They got turned down by the clubs for funding idea and sought out more of an art/craft activity to do with the foster kids



The gorup and I contacted the foster homes/ group homes in the area to see if they would like to participate. We were rejected from all of them and are rethinking our idea.



My group and I have rethought about our idea and are instead doing a “Draw My Life” theme. We will be doing videos on the life of different children in a foster home or in a shelter. Our goal is to give children and teens around the world a new appreciation of what they are privileged to in their life. So far, we have contacted the Santa Barbara Home to try and find out if it is possiblity.

These are the emails:

On Thursday, January 23, 2014 1:36 PM:
Hi, Susan.

We’re thinking about doing a “Draw Our Life” segment kind of thing. Is it okay if we use their stories and ask the kids questions without using their names or faces? We could do a Jane Doe thing so the confidentiality doesn’t become a problem. The videos will just get a gist of their lives and focus mainly on getting the community to help, and their lives will just be a vague backstory.
~Sara Tran
I’ll think about it, Sara.  But I don’t really know what you and your group are aiming for, so I can’t come up with the idea.  But if you come up with a good one, I would be happy to help you with it.  Just let me know when it is due and how I can help.
We are thinking about how to get into contact with different Foster children to see if they would like to participate. Any ideas?
For the month of February, we have spent it researching our various topics. We were unable to find personal stories on prphans so we chose to find famous people and research their lives and how they becae successful. Sara and I are researching Marilyn Monroe and Timothy and Stephanie are working on reserching Steve Jobs.
During March we set off into our own groups to work on the videos. There wasn’t much communication between the two except for a few meet ups where we looked at each other’s progress.
Timothy and Stephanie finished their video and have posted it on our Facebook page and on our youtube account.  You can also see it if you scroll down on my blog posts. It’s under “Connect the Dots”.
Sara and I are done with the Marilyn Monroe video! We made it an animation so it looks pretty cool. I suggest you check it out.
Well. It’s the end of our innovation project deadline. But don’t worry. My group and I are thinking of continuing this on and seeing what happens with it. It was a slow start but I think we can do it. I hope you enjoyed them.

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