How much does the campus take part in a college decision?


How much does the campus of a college affect your decision?

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Regret is a funny thing. It isn’t something that can really be described. Of course Google defines it as: a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done. But I think that that definition should have something in there about “that has happened, been done, or didn’t happen.” For me, my biggest regrets are the things that I didn’t get to do. And the people I didn’t get to do it with.


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Have you ever just been walking around daydreaming, and ,without realizing it, you were smiling? And then someone comes up to you and ask you what is so funny or interesting and you don’t know how to respond? I experience that a lot. It is a common thing for me to be walking along and suddenly, in my head, deveolp this scene with characters and what could happen. I love thinking about scenarios that are not possible but would be cool if they happened.

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The original idea

For my English Project, my teacher wants me and a group of other people to make a project to solve a problem in my community. The problem that I wanted to conquer was a lack of communication between different groups of people. My group and I suggested that maybe we should do the project for a communication line between different foster homes. Our original plan is to host a pen pal program between two different hosues. Maybe in the end we hope to host an event where the pen pals can meet each other. My goal of this project is to help different kids make a new friend.


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