Change vs. Tradition

I have never done well with change. I don’t normally change my routine unless I have to and even then I am very reluctant. I like to know where everything is and what is happening all the time. Some people think I can be OCD at times but I don’t think so. I am just traditionalistic. I don’t do well when something is out of place or isn’t right, because if it can be changed back, why not change it back?


Just because I know what I like and how I like it does not mean I have OCD. You can’t just jump to that conclusion. The term is traditionalistic, or adherence to tradition as authority. I live by tradition and I love it.

Such as today, my family for some reason wanted to go to a different place for breakfast today. This maybe would have been ok if we had not been going to the same bagel place for years. Every Saturday, after my tennis lesson me family and I go to this certain bagel place, we eat our bagels, I drink my iced chai tea, and we play a game of rummykid. But now, my family wants to change that. They want to “try something knew.” Why would you want to try something new? The way that things have been going for the past few years has worked out great and now you want to change? No. Just no. However, my family just want to go so bad that I went anyways. I “strongly disliked” it. The bagel that I was going to get didn’t exist and the one I settled for was out so I was stuck with a plain bagel. A plain bagel. Who likes a plain bagel? It has no flavor. Not to mention, no chai tea. So I had water and I hated it.

I hated how I was the only one in my family bothered by this situation. The only one who thought that changing tradition was wrong. They all thought I was “sulking.” That’s what they always think when we go somewhere new. And sometimes I can get past the change if it’s good or if it doesn’t take oversomething that was alreaedy going on, but I couldn’t. I was not going to pretend like I enjoyed the experience when I did not, at all.

So no, I’m not OCD. I’m a traditionalist and I’m not ashamed.


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