“Why do you want to volunteer at the library?”

Ever since my sister started college applications, my mother has been thinking about everything I need to do to bump up my application. Because that is really why we do all the things we do right? We do it so that when we apply for a job or for college we can fill out all the sections on the applications.

So one thing that my mom decided that I needed more of was community service. Now keep in mind I have been a part of Girl Scouts for many years so I have done quite a bit of community service, but she thought that I needed some community service that was personal to me. I needed to volunteer somewhere because I wanted to not because my troop made me. So I began to do some research. I went to all the volunteer websites and looked for something I wanted to do. Something I thought would be a great way to spend my time and I finally found it. I found an opportunity to volunteer at the public library. All I needed to do was fill out an application.

Now this is not the actual library that I volunteer at but I think that it would be amazing to visit this library in Strahov Abbey library, Prague, Czech Republic.

The application was filled with the normal questions: name, number, what do you want to help with, etc., etc., etc. Then as I was almost done with the application I came across the question “Why do you want to volunteer here?” and I stopped. What was I supposed to write? Do I write that I am only doing this for volunteer hours? Do I lie and say that my future occupation is to be a librarian? What do I do?

This is the problem with all these colleges wanting volunteer hours. I understand that it is good to be a responsible member of society and all but what is the point if your heart isn’t really in it. If the person doesn’t really care about all the causes that they are working for are they really going to do their best work?


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