How much does the campus take part in a college decision?


How much does the campus of a college affect your decision?

There are many different ways to classify a college’s campus. The campus can be small or large, but the location also takes a role in the decision. There is a fable called the “City Mouse and the Country Mouse,” in which a city mouse goes to the country to get a taste of country life. The city mouse isn’t fond of the food and style that the country mouse ives in so the city mouse invites the country mouse to the city. They dine like kings until they are attaacked and forced into hiding. The country mouse leaves the city for preference of the country but the city mouse stil prefers to live in the city. If you want, you can try to characterize yourself as one or the other. This will help you decide on where you want to live.

For a college like Dartmouth, located in Hanover, New Hampshire, the setting is very rural. It is located about one hour, possibly more, away from the nearest major city. One might need to be more of a country mouse to enjoy this envronment.

However, a college such as New York University is located in the heart of New York City, New York. This college does not have as much of a college town as Dartmouth does and is located in a bustling city, so more of a city mouse might be more comfortable in it.

There is also a campus sush as Georgetown, in Washington D.C. This campus has a slight rural feel because it is not completely in the capital city, but it is also not far away from the city. This campus could work well for country mice and city mice.


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