Have you ever just been walking around daydreaming, and ,without realizing it, you were smiling? And then someone comes up to you and ask you what is so funny or interesting and you don’t know how to respond? I experience that a lot. It is a common thing for me to be walking along and suddenly, in my head, deveolp this scene with characters and what could happen. I love thinking about scenarios that are not possible but would be cool if they happened.

My most common storylines are following book series (i.e. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Selection, the Violet Eden Chapters, etc., etc.) and a few television shows (i.e. NCIS: L.A.). I love to think that there are people who have secret lives. and maybe they have something that they don’t tell anyone about.

I would daydream about what the secret could be. Sometimes I make the person a monster in disguise, or this person has maybe angel wings, or maybe the person is an escaped convict, or maybe the person has a deadly disease that they don’t want to tell nayone about. I dream about what their friends and family would think about this new story line. I think about different ways that the secret could be released.

Like in Percy Jackson and the Olympians I think about what Travis Stoll’s life could have been before Camp Half Blood. What would happen if his mother was called to Camp? What would she be life? Is Travis really as care-free as he appears?

Then for NCIS: L.A. I love thinking about the ways that Deeks and Kensi could come together. I think about scenarios that could happen. What if Deeks was captured? What if he was hurt? What if Kensi was hurt? What will happen when Kensi comes back?

Or…. well, I should just stop here or I could go on forever.

So when somebody asks me why I’m smiling, I respond “nothing” because would they really understand?


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