Marilyn Monroe

In English class we had to do an Innovation project  and for my innovation project I worked with a group that made videos about orphans and the different challenges they faced and how they over come it. To read more you should look under the “Life in Black and White” tab. Enjoy!


FVHS Diversity #3

This is the 3rd in the series. Overall, I think this might be the best interview so far. Her name is Mia Conolly and I hope you find her story interesting.

Change vs. Tradition

I have never done well with change. I don’t normally change my routine unless I have to and even then I am very reluctant. I like to know where everything is and what is happening all the time. Some people think I can be OCD at times but I don’t think so. I am just traditionalistic. I don’t do well when something is out of place or isn’t right, because if it can be changed back, why not change it back?


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A Book or an E-Reader?

I believe that books should always be printed on paper, and that the eBook will never replace a paper book. I don’t care about the latest technology, or the person who made it so that when you drag your finger across the screen, and it makes the page turns. For me, the guy that made the screen look like a bookshelf is simply unimportant. I mean, yeah, sure, the guys were really smart and all, but didn’t they grow up reading from paper? Didn’t they grow up feeling the rough texture of the page? They probably grew up with the feeling that you get when you look at the book and see how far you have come. Yet, they take that privilege away from the next generation. Ever visited your neighborhood library? Eventually they won’t exist. I for one believe that books should be printed on paper. No exceptions.


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All Quiet on the Western Front


For my English class, we had to take a quotation from the novel All Quiet On The Western Front and match it to a picture.

I chose the quotation “Treches, hospitals, the common grave– there are no other possibilities” because I felt that it really depicted the desperation of Germany during World War I. During this time, germany had overused most of its resources to the war effort and they were runing out of men to fight. No matter where the men went they had a small chance of survival.

Hostpitals were getting too many patients for the doctors to take care of and they didn’t have the equiptment to deal with the new wounds. The trenches were getting overrun and blown up so survival was small. But most of all, the soldiers ended their lives in the common grave because the mass deaths were too many to give each man a funeral.

“Why do you want to volunteer at the library?”

Ever since my sister started college applications, my mother has been thinking about everything I need to do to bump up my application. Because that is really why we do all the things we do right? We do it so that when we apply for a job or for college we can fill out all the sections on the applications.

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